No Sew Pillow for AG Doll and 18″ Dolls


How to Make a No Sew Pillow for AG Doll and 18″ Dolls

In this video I will walk you though a serious of steps on how to make a No Sew Pillow for AG Doll and 18″ Dolls.

No Sew Pillow for AG Doll and 18" dolls

No Sew Pillow, suitable for American Girl Dolls and 18″ dolls


  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Cotton balls or pillow fluff

Be sure to ask a grown up to help with the gluing to avoid injury!


  1. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric about 4″ x 10″ (or desired size for your doll)
  2. Fold rectangle in half and apply glue to one side of the rectangle
  3. Press down on seam gently being careful not to get burned
  4. Repeat process on the other side
  5. Fluff up some cotton balls about 6-10 and filled the pillow case
  6. Seal the pillow with hot glue
  7. Cut  two pieces of decorative ribbon – make sure each piece goes around the pillow edge
  8. Glue the ribbon on opposite sides
  9. Cut excess ribbon
  10. You got a beautiful pillow for your AG doll or any 18″ doll


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Come back soon!!