American Girl Doll Pencils


How to make American Girl Doll Pencils

Today we are going to learn how to make American Girl Doll Pencils.  I love making crafts for my two American Girl Dolls, I got this idea after playing with one of the AG school kits and I though wouldn’t be  nice to make my own American Girl Doll Pencils to play along with my AG school kit.  Here is what i came up with.


Tooth picks

Markers ( black, yellow)

decorative tape




Firs you take a tooth pick

Cut one pointy end

Color the mid section yellow leaving a little space to color the eraser

Color the pointy end black so it looks like led

Color the other end pink for the eraser

finally wrap around a tiny piece of decorative duck tape


There you have an American Girl Doll Pencils.  I hope you enjoy making these pencils as much as I had.

If you wish you can see my video below.

Come back again soon!!

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